The Survival Race, Columbus OH 3/1/14

This was my first obstacle course race of the 2014 season and I was excited that it would also get me into the Arnold Fitness Expo in Columbus! I wanted to see a few of my fitness faves there after I beasted through my first course of the year.

Two days before the race, I had heard that Arnold himself would be at the starting line to high five everyone as they started the race and that got me more excited about the race. It was chilly out that morning and there was no sun. I found some friends from the Corn Fed Spartans and got in line with them to take off for the race. Arnold was late but when he arrived, he made a speech (that I couldn’t hear over the music) that ended with “I’ll be back!” Haha. He counted us down to start the race and we all shuffled our way to him to get our high fives. I didn’t get a photo of me from the front during my interaction with the Terminator but my friend Julia got us holding hands in this shot here:


Yup that’s me on the left, holding hands with Arnie! 🙂

So the race had begun. First thing was to run up the ramps of the Crew Stadium, along the top to the other side then down the ramps again. There weren’t many obstacles the first mile or so but it was okay to warm up because I was still so cold. Eventually that would change, I knew but waking up my body and my muscles with a run was good.

There were lots of great athletes out there running, gal pals getting out and getting active as well as families with children overcoming the fun and challenging obstacles. My first real challenge (aside from the rope climb that I failed) was the pyramid wall. I was baffled that it was so difficult for me to get to the top point (which wasn’t too high) and slide down the other side. I ran up the ramp but couldn’t get a good grip at the top so I slid back down, collecting splinters on my thigh from the plywood. Annoyed, I stepped back a little and made a second attempt. Same thing. Couldn’t grip with my hands and slid back down. On the same thigh. Ouch. So I backed up EVEN MORE and ran up as fast as I could. I got myself on top of the apex and threw my right leg over. As I attempted to throw my left leg over so I could lower myself down on my belly, my right leg slipped and that’s how giant bruise #1 of the OCR season occurred. I bruised my thigh and hit my pelvis really hard on the top of that wall. I slid down the wall, ON THE SAME LEG AGAIN, and limped away. I felt like a schmuck for having such a difficult time and of course for getting hurt but hey, whatever. A bruise is a trophy to me.

The obstacles really weren’t that hard. Climbing over tubes, walls, up the side of a mound, balance beams, sand bag carry (which was actually a great weight bc I struggled even with the women’s bag). Here are a few photos of a couple obstacles.




We were told to walk over the frozen pond (or to go around! but what’s the fun in that!)








I finished the race in 59 minutes which made me upset. Okay wait, first I’m glad it was under an hour but it would have been much faster had there not been as much bottle necking as there was at each obstacle. There were so many people running at the 9:30am wave and not enough space on certain obstacles for multiple people to do them at the same time. I was standing around a lot. Waiting for people to go. Regardless, it was fun. I don’t know if I’ll do this one again but we’ll see.

I ended up not being able to go to the Expo because my sick dog had to be picked up from the vet in Cincinnati so I had to rush back. Babies first. 🙂 On to the next race …

Baby Spartan to Become Tough Mudder

Last year when I started my training, I chose the Spartan Race as my fitness goal. I wanted to be able to do one and survive. I started my training in February and ended up doing my very first Spartan in Vermont on Championship Weekend. I only did the Sprint but that was very intense for me. When I finished and got my first Spartan medal, the hunger had already began. I was ready for another one … which I later did in Milwaukee. This year I plan on getting a double trifecta.

I’ve had a bunch of people ask me “what are you training for?” When I respond, “Spartan Races.” They say, “Oh, is that like a Tough Mudder?!”

I don’t know why but I hate when people say that. They are both extreme obstacle course races. Yes. But not the same. Then there are those people who like to say, “Oh! Are you not tough enough to do a Tough Mudder?” You shut your mouth! Absolutely not the case! Spartan Race was my first big race ever and I’m loyal to it, the culture and community of racers I’ve come to know.

I realize that I can’t knock Tough Mudder. I completely respect the athletes that go out that and get electro-shocked and ice bathed during a 12 mile course. I realize that being attached and partial to my Spartan Races is because I have yet to do a Tough Mudder. I can’t even compare. I haven’t even done a Spartan Beast yet (there will be TWO this year)! I have lots of OCR experience to gain and Tough Mudder is just something I need to do!

THIS YEAR IS MY EPIC YEAR! I keep saying that to myself because I will turn 30 in October. I plan to be in the best shape of my life and to have done many things that I never thought I could … Tough Mudder included. 🙂

So correct me if I’m wrong all of you lovers of Tough Mudder out there, there is no timing chip, no penalty for failing/skipping obstacles. That’s somethign I appreciate at Spartan Race. I know they say that no timing chip is to promote camaraderie and teamwork. We have both of those things even though we have timing chips. I like to know how long I take to do these courses especially because I keep wanting to better myself. I see nothing wrong with that. I ALSO appreciate having to do burpees for a failed obstacle no matter how much I hate them. What’s the point of doing an OCR if you’re just going to skip obstacles? Penalties solve that. I know lots of you agree with that, too.

All in all, I look forward to the Tough Mudder in May in Ohio. I am volunteering on Saturday at the Finish Line, passing out those coveted orange headbands to finishers then I’ll run myself those 12 miles on Sunday. I’m excited about seeing what everyone loves about these races and so I can actually, truthfully compare/contrast it with Spartan Race when people ask me about them and I try to rip people off the couch!

Regardless, obstacle course racers are all nuts! We all know it! We all love it! You have come out and race to see what it’s all about!

Macros & Herbalife

I’m guilty of it. I hate that I’m guilty of it but I let the winter blues get to me. I was doing so well last year with my training, eating and weight loss. I knocked out a few races and OCRs and then it happened. I got promoted to a desk job and the holidays hit. Since the 1st of December, I had put on 8lbs. I feel terrible that I let myself get in my own way again but I’m not too far gone. With my 2014 OCR season looming in front of me (actually 3 days from now), I decided it was definitely time to get off my butt again and to start eating right, too. Starting on Sunday, tweaking what I’ve eaten and working out once, I’ve already dropped 2.5lbs. Probably water weight but it’s a start.

My real goal is to build my muscle faster and drop down to 19/20% Body Fat (I’m at 31%). I’d like to be 25lbs or so lighter than I am now, depending on the development of those muscles. I know it all comes down to eating the way my body needs. I know I have to get back in the weight room and lift, lift, lift.

I had K Mae Cags calculate my macros for me so I can help build my muscle and lean out. Here’s what she wrote to me:

Current Weight: 178 (when she quoted but now i’m 175.5)

Caloric Intake: 1886

Training Day Macros (in grams)

Protein: 150

Carbs: 160

Fat: 72

Macro Timing Breakdown

5 meals per day

30 grams of protein per meal

Training time: afternoon/early evening

Carb timing/distribution: consume most carbs around training time, carb heavy post workout

Fat timing/distribution: fat heavy breakfast, taper off fats as day goes on. Avoid fat post workout.

I’ve been testing it out this week. Trying to see how my body will adjust to it. It’s not too bad. I’m eating a lot of eggs and Quest Protein Bars (YUM!) and of course, using my love of HERBALIFE to nourish my body. I’m certainly feeling less bloated and more energetic since I’ve started doing the combination of macro and Herbalife. I’m back on my daily multivitamins, high water intake and 3 meals (snacking in between). I can already tell the difference in my body and I’m  looking forward to a successful year of training. I’ll have K Mae Cags redo my macros in a couple of months to adjust to my progress. It’s harder to eat according to my macros because of all of the math, but it’ll get easier as I remember how much protein, carbs and fat are in the things I like to eat. This just basically cuts out dining out because I won’t know what they put in anything. I think a cheat day each week is in order where I don’t have to calculate all day long but still stay mindful.

I’m a little obsessed with the new flavors of HERBALIFE that I’ve recently purchased and I thought I’d share.

10oz. of Unsweetened Original Almond Milk
2 Scoops of Formula 1 Dulce de Leche
1 Scoop of Vanilla Protein Drink Mix
1 HALF Scoop of Chocolate Rebuild Mix

DE-Licious! Tons of protein in that and fills me up. I might also add flax seed to it.

Can’t wait to do a follow up in 2 months to show you the progress in my body and how I’m feeling. If you don’t Herbalife, you should.

Welp! I’m doing the Survival Race and going to the Arnold Fitness Expo this weekend in Columbus. Shall be eventful and I’ll blog about it later! Have a good weekend!

Run for Justice Virtual 5k Benefitting the John P. Brennan, Sr. Justice Reward Fund


For those of you who follow my Baby Spartan Facebook page, you know that I have started a Virtual 5k to raise money for my Dad’s Justice Reward Fund. This money is to go toward the reward money to find the men who murdered my father in July of 2012. For those in the Cincinnati area, we will also be organizing a run together in lieu of the Virtual 5k. Between sharing this on Facebook, Twitter, email, Instagram, blogs and hopefully on the news, our hopes are that we can reach our goal of $10k. 

The Virtual 5k is $25 per person and you can register on at You can run on your own time between March 1 & March 16 with a running app like Mapmyrun or Nike+ and then post your results to our Facebook page (or email them to We will send out printable bibs for runners to wear and take photos with as I’d love to make a collage of everyone who participated in making our goals happen. 

For those who love the “BLING,” we will have Spartan Shield themed medals for all that finish. Whether you did the virtual or came to the run in Cincinnati, we will make sure you get your medal for running and contributing to our cause

The Cincinnati Run for Justice 5k will be held on March 9 at 9am at a place TBD. When you sign up on, you have the option to let us know if you’re interested in running with us on that day.

***My father was murdered over a year and a half ago and the case has gone cold. There are FIVE MEN out there, walking free for what they did to our familiy and we have to get justice. Hopefully our reward money raised will bring someone forward with the information to shut these men away. Our family needs justice. Our family needs peace.***

Below is a link to my dad’s donation page. If you want more information on our story INCLUDING NEWS STORIES from FOX ORLANDO, click –> JOHN P. BRENNAN JUSTICE REWARD FUND

Thank you everyone for sharing, for registering and for spreading the news. We really need to increase awareness and have people sign up to RUN for JUSTICE! We really appreciate the love and support!



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2014 Goals

So when I turned 29 in October of 2013, I found it stupid easy to feel sorry for myself because I was going into my last year of my 20s. How dumb! I am a Spartan and 2013 was already turning out to be awesome so why feel sorry for myself! I’m still so young, right? (Sorry, I’m not rubbing it in!)

2014 (my 29th year) will be EPIC! I’m going to continue on my health journey, be the fittest I’ve ever been, do tougher, scarier races AND we are going to find the men who killed my father in 2012!

  1. At least 2 Spartan Trifectas
  2. Do a Tough Mudder
  3. At least 12 OCRs total for the year
  4. Drop the last 30lbs.
  5. and/or get to 18%BF
  6. Finish the Indiana Sprint in under 1.5 hours.

I’m excited for the year. We started it off right with my FSU Seminoles winning the BCS Championship! Sunday I change things up with eating according to my macros! I lost 35lbs. last year with my version of healthy eating and portions and working out 4-5 days a week adding more weights. I want to lose body fat and build more muscle this year. Thanks to K Mae Cags in advance … I’m going to do this 8 week cycle and work my butt off!

Good luck to everyone in 2014!! Dominate those races, lose that weight, get healthy and love with your whole heart!


The Baby Spartan’s 2013 in Review

Since I didn’t start really training until May, my year in review is really a six month in review! My first race was in June and my last race was December 7th! It was an amazing year of training, weight loss, strength gains and races. I can only aim to do much much more over 2014! Here is a photo of my bling (sans SWP … still waiting for that medal to come in).

The start of my collection of medals.

The start of my collection of medals.


3 – 5k races (all three color run themed)
1 – 10k race (Thanksgiving Day Race)
5 – Virtual 5ks (CFS All for Hope, Strong Bones, Superman Walks Project, Operation Enduring Warrior, Hug the World Thanksgiving 5k)
1 – Virtual 50mile (Dirt in Your Skirt)
5 – OCRs (2 Spartan Sprints, Mud Stash, Ohio Zombie Run, Arctic Dash)

I have so much planned for 2014 – check out my 2014 Goal Post! 🙂